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Birthed out of tragedy

On July 5, 2000 a phone call was received concerning Debra, a 19-year-old daughter of Brownfield's Baptist fellowship members Mary and Jimmy.  Debra was missing and feared dead.  Tragically, fear became a reality when soon after the call, Debra’s body was found discarded in a canal in the 2600 block of Shada Street in Baton Rouge, Louisiana .Out of such tragedy, the pastoral leadership was compelled to do something to improve day to day living conditions within the inner city. Subsequently, Mary’s House of Bread (MHOB) was established as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) to help families and/or individuals in the midst of financial and/or unfortunate conditions.  MHOB is partnered with the Baton Rouge Food Bank and other entities to provide quality food thereby sharing Hope in the midst of the struggle. In addition, MHOB partners with each family and/or individual to provide other essentials needed to remain steadfast in the midst of the struggle. Historically, businesses and even church fellowships move away from the inner city instead of staying and improving the living conditions within the area that gave them a beginning. Mary’s House of Bread remains steadfast, immovable, and after 23 years is expanding instead of retreating.  Mary’s House of Bread is compelled to stay in the midst of the struggle to help others by Meeting Needs and Sharing Hope.

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